The Virtual Studio - Islington Pilates Zoom classes are taught by Alice Nebel, Body Control Pilates certified teacher.  Classes are kept to small numbers so you get the best from your teacher and an effective workout, ensure your camera is angled so Alice can see you well.

The Teachy bit - You will need the Zoom app on your Desktop or device, however, you do not need a Zoom account.  Your class registration will trigger a unique Zoom Video Link to The Islington Pilates Virtual Studio, this will be emailed to you on registration, and again an hour before class. The Zoom video link will also be available in the class calendar on the booking system, visible only by those who have booked.  No fifty downloads, ID numbers or passwords required.  If you cancel a class, your access to class will automatically disengage.

Classes at home - You need a mat, a small head cushion and space to move whilst following the class on your screen.  Alice will welcome everyone.  The class is private to those who have booked only, you can chat to Alice about any concerns and she will ensure you get the best out of your home workout. 

Pilates will help you;

  • Manage back pain and muscle stiffness.

  • Lengthen your posture.

  • Understand your own body better.

  • Compliment your fitness regime and goals.

  • Strengthen your body with long lean muscle.

  • Improve flexibility and mobility.

  • Give you a sense of body wellbeing.

  • Challenge you mind and body without feeling unachievable or exhausting.