Class Level

Beginner Pilates

The perfect class for those completely new to Pilates, for those clients working with injuries and medical conditions, or for those clients who want to refresh on their knowledge and take a slightly slower class. Alice offers lots of demonstrations but aims to keep the class flowing, ensuring the appropriate level of challenge is still reached.

Intermediate Pilates 

Intermediate level Pilates is suitable for those who have 6 months + Pilates experience, are familiar with class terminology and understand good alignment of the body and recruitment of the centring muscles. Intermediate Pilates can be suitable for those individuals working with body restrictions, however need to be comfortable in a Beginner/Mixed Ability class before progressing to Intermediate.


Mixed Ability: Unravel from you Desk

A open level class ideal for those with some Pilates principles knowledge. This class will focus on exercises to unravel you from the days load, concentrating on spinal mobility, hip mobility and shoulder and neck relief. The class is a mix of gentle and strong Pilates exercises, fascia release techniques and relaxation. If you are a complete beginner to Pilates, it is recommended to attend the Beginner Pilates on a Saturday morning first if possible to learn the fundamentals. 

Dynamic Intermediate

​A strong movement based class using the Pilates principles in dynamic movement sequences. The class will focus heavily on Classical Pilates exercises, new variations, flowing transitions and myofascial release techniques. Expect to move and be challenged. Intermediate Pilates knowledge is required to attend this class, not suitable for beginners.

A note on Back Pain and Pre/Post Natal clients

Beginner and Mixed Ability classes are suitable for those with non-specific back pain (where the cause of back pain is unclear and is not related to disease or injury).

Islington Pilates classes are not suitable for pre/post natal clients.